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For questions related to searching and downloading photos and illustrations, see the General FAQ.


I am a photographer hoping to sell my images, where do I start?

Selling stock photography is an excellent way to make money doing something you love (at least we hope you love it). Thousands of photographers have found that microstock agencies are an excellent way to selling thousands of images. We recommend listing your images with multiple agencies in order to broaden their reach and opportunity for sales. Most often we recommend listing images with the following agencies to start:

Indexed on ImageTrail Other Agencies
If you have a hard time getting images listed at larger agencies such as Dreamstime and iStockPhoto, you should start with smaller agencies like DepositPhotos or Cutcaster. These websites accept more images while building up their portfolio. You won't make as much money at first until the agency has enough images to really attract professional photo buyers (graphic and web design agencies). For a full listing of agencies, photographer features and reviews, visit MicrostockForum..

How did my image get listed on ImageTrail? I didn't upload them here.

Non of the images listed on ImageTrail are sold (or licensed) from this site. If you are a contributor on one of our partner sites, there is a big chance your images will show up here. We don't have the full resolution versions of any of these images and potential buyers have to visit the source website (like Dreamstime or StockFresh) in order to buy and download the images. For most photographers this is free advertising for your images. Some photographers remove their images from one or more of our source agencies and it take a while for our index to drop those images. In this case you can visit the photo removal request form and we will remove your images.

I uploaded my images to ______________ (one of your partners), but don't see them on the site, what's up?

Our indexing robot works differently with each agency. Some agencies send us periodic database exports and we are able to index almost their entire collections. Some require us to us an indexing robot and search for new images like a designer would search their site. Others send us daily updates of adds and deletes from their royalty-free collection. The best way to get your photo or illustration onto ImageTrail is to shoot excellent stock photos or create amazing designs. Our robot is more likely to pick them up if they receive lots of downloads and views on the source microstock website.

Should I shoot photos exclusively for one agency?

In most situations we recommend selling through multiple agencies. Even if you earn more per sale on Dreamstime than other agencies, each successful agency (there are lots) has their own niche and marketing tactics. Sales through this website only represent a fraction of the traffic that most stock photo websites receive. For a list of recommended sites, we recommend you visit MicroStock Forum and view the agency ranking page.